Sunday, November 13, 2011

Costco is...


You go inside and you really and truly start to think -- hmmm... I could totally get 30 kiwis.. and my family of 3 could eat them in a week.. and if we don't.. then I'll learn all kinds of kiwi recipes and maybe even make kiwi jam. 

And then you walk outside and you think... hmmm...  I walked all around that big store... I totally earned a churro, and maybe soda, and maybe I should just have a hot dog.... those ice cream parfaits look pretty good..

Friday, November 11, 2011


We went to Israel... more on that later....

We came back from Israel - and my almost potty trained daughter now refuses to sit on the potty.  She can put on her own clothing.. but, the kid who sat on the potty and peed like a champ is now not interested in being potty trained at all.  I thought I was the greatest parent in the world - that my kid would be super easy to get out of diapers.. but, alas.. she's more complicated than previously expected.

not my kid - but, you get the picture

Her pre-school teacher has recommended the weekend boot camp.  Basically, you strip her down from the waist and in a weekend she learns.  Hmmmm... was thinking of trying it this weekend, but, my husband threatened to divorce me.  I have tech next week - and he's going to be at home with Izz most night.  I think the prospect of urine and feces loose around the house is too much for him alone.  I see his point. 

I was never really all that rushed to see her potty trained.  Having to stop everything because your toddler needs to use the bathroom is not all that exciting.  Imagine standing in line at Target and BAM - you have to rush to the closest bathroom.. yup.. I'm ok with diapers for now.  But, I do think she is ready. so:
Think we are just going to have to wait until after Thanksgiving.