Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something in her voice

I'm still at work.  Previews... 

Just called home to check how dinner and bedtime were going.  Izz had just come out of the bath and was sitting on the potty.  Daniel put her on the phone and there was something in her voice that sounded tentative.  I asked him if he heard it too -- "yeah", he said, "she was a little cranky tonight."  I wondered if it was because I've had to work the last two nights... and he said, "I think she senses that big changes are coming."

Could that be? Next Tuesday she starts pre-school.  We've gone twice in the last two weeks.  Both times she's warmed up to it, but, initially she was very very shy.   I wonder if she senses that she is going to leave the only day care she has ever known and try something new.  

Sometimes I really wonder what's inside my little toddler's head.  I want to know so I can wrap my arms around her and reassure her that everything is going to be ok. 

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