Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bad Mother - the West Coast Edition

I read Laura's post and just chuckled... she hit it right on the nail in so many ways. Thankfully, I don't have that day care provider who asks me probing questions and makes me feel like crap. But, I still have the guilt of the long pre-school day.

Our pre-school is amazing. They were really terrific in helping Izz adjust and they are super supportive. I did do my research when picking a preschool, so, I know its good, but, also - in all honesty - also picked this one because it's open until 6pm and because it's close to our house. I had no idea it was a "feeder" school (if you don't know what that means - good for you -- I've just learned the term and it's quite the eye opener). Anyway, the 6pm part is very important because if you look around for a preschool around here you won't find that many open that late (in fact, when looking in La Jolla so Izz could be closer to my work - I found NONE!). Most of the ones near here are open until 12pm.. and if you are lucky, they have after care until 3pm (yes, that's right until 3pm!). ummm... so, how is a working parent supposed to do this? Well, as I've learned... you do it by having a Nanny as well as taking your kid to preschool. It's true! The lovely lady that I thought was little _____ (no need to share names)'s grandmother is actually her Nanny.. and the reason she goes to pre-school is to help her socialize.

Which brings me to the guilt factor. A good percentage of the kids at Izz's preschool only go half day or half day for half a week. Which means, that come 12pm, her class size goes down by a 1/4 and by 3pm by a 1/2! When Daniel picks her up at 5:30pm -- her classroom has usually merged with the other 2 year old classroom AND the 3 year old classroom.. and there are only 8 kids left.

Kind of makes you feel like crap that your kid is one of the last ones left. I start to have images of that Mormon commercial with the kid left alone on the bleachers because his parents forgot to pick him up, so a nice mother takes pity on him and she and her kids sit with him to wait. Sigh.....

I drop Izz at preschool and Daniel picks her up... so, I am constantly calling him and pushing him to try and pick her up earlier... to please please not let her be one of the last group.

Thankfully, Izz seems unfazed by this. In fact, Daniel has had to wait when he picks her up in the afternoon, because he sometimes arrives during the late afternoon story time, and she doesn't want to leave not knowing what is going to happen in the story.

but, her Mother still feels guilty.

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