Thursday, October 6, 2011

sense of humor

I never really thought to myself that my toddler could already be developing a sense of humor. I mean, I know she loves to laugh, and she loves to tickle us and have a good time -- but, make jokes? Real jokes? When does your comedic self come out? Izz has always been funny. She'll make a funny face to try and make us laugh.. but recently she's actually bordering on stand up comedy.

Tonight -- we are at a restaurant and she points to a Halloween decoration and says, "a Mummy"! -- and then turns to me and smiles... then points again and says "Mommy that's MY Mummy"... and giggles.

ok folks - I'm counting on Izz to grow up and be an Engineer... or am I fooling myself and my little girl is going to be doing the stand up circuit.


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