Friday, December 23, 2011

Fess Up??

I went to NYC for business again. It was a great trip - I saw some shows, had lots of meetings and took care of some needed auditions for the season. I packed my trip with so many things that I was running around the city at a dizzying pace. I kind of forgot that I'm nearly 8 months pregnant. 8 months pregnant you ask?!? Yeah - that seems to be the concensus with my friends and collegues too. I seem to have forgotten to tell anyone that we are expecting a new addition in February. How did I forget to tell anyone? Did I do it on purpose? Or did I seriously just get too busy with Izz, Daniel and work? Gotta tell you -- I really don't know. But, now, here's the quandary: do I announce it? Like on Facebook? That seems awfully public and weird. Do I keep it quiet for the important people in my life? In this new world of social media, I'm just not sure what one does when they have big news to tell but they don't necessarily want everyone to know.. just most people. Suggestions?

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