Saturday, January 28, 2012

The key to getting your Husband out of the house on a weekend (willingly)!

Find an activity he loves that your toddler will also love.

Usually we go to the park or do something that I think Izz will like -- but, this past Sunday we went to the Science Museum, and guess what - her Dad also had fun!

I bought tickets to the interactive galleries - and when Daniel found out there were Imax movies too he got very upset with me.  The only thing that calmed him down was when I explained that if we liked the galleries too - we could get a membership and we could COME BACK and see the Imax movies.  

So, we've found a spot.  We got our membership packet yesterday in the mail - and I think when I'm in rehearsal tomorrow, Daniel is going to take Izz to the museum and expose her to her first Imax movie.   Usually, on a Sunday morning, I find them both at home - doing something fun - but, something at home.  

I've found the trick! 

Now to figure out the next activity these kids will like.

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