Monday, September 26, 2011

Bad Mother

Can i just say that i really can't take the GUILT that gets thrown at you when you pick up kids from daycare. I realize now that it wasn't the lady at the other daycare because i'm getting the same crap from this lady -- who i like a whole lot more -- but still, she had the nerve to ask me what i fed Molly this morning. At pick-up she told me that Molly's poop was black. I asked her if it was very loose or very hard, and she said it was normal, but just black. And I'm like, lady - I have one kid and I've seen every color poop already - how is it that you haven't?? Should i really be alarmed by black poop? What - you think i fed her black licorice for breakfast? But she looked at me like
A) It was the weirdest thing she ever saw and

B) clearly i did something to cause it

So we move on from poop, and she tells me how Molly isn't eating as well as she used to. And i remind her that she's teething now so it's probably that. So that seemed to satisfy. So she tries to find another topic she can nail me on. She tells me about Molly's diaper rash, which keeps coming back, but which, of course i know about - and she tells me "it really hurts her." I tell her we just got new medicine that should hopefully work. But i swear, i feel like I'm on trial defending myself to this lady. As if i don't care or know about her diaper rash! I know that girl's butt better than anyone, trust me.

Uch - is it just that there's no way to ask about this stuff without making it seem like we suck as parents? Or am i just letting my working mom guilt take over? I don't know, i swear there's a way to ask these things without making it seem like I'm a shitty mom.

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