Thursday, September 8, 2011

Milestone madness

Lately, I've been panicking about Molly, who just turned 14 months, being "behind" her peers - late to walk, late to talk -- according to the "norms." How do you keep yourself from obsessing about this stuff and worrying there's something wrong -- or my favorite, that I'VE somehow done something wrong to stunt her development?? I know, it doesn't help to compare kids, and Einstein didn't talk till he was 3, blah blah. I just want her to be ok....and love her and accept her for whoever she is. But, I'm still working on that in myself!! Wow. More and more I have come to understand that you REALLY can't understand being a parent until you are one -- it's a huge challenge and i think has the potential to bring out your best and worst - but more than anything it can help you become a better person yourself as you work to help this little person become themselves...

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