Thursday, June 9, 2011

NPR is bad for your health

I'm just going to say it -- I like talk radio. There... done... I don't know who the current hot singers are -- and I don't really think I can name a Lady Gaga song.

But, I am starting to understand why people listen to music on their way to work and not NPR like I do. Ever since I had a child - the world is looking meaner and meaner. Have you noticed that? I got a little boost to my outlook when Obama was elected - but, that was a blip, and everything since then just gives me anxiety. I feel things more deeply, I think about the crappy stuff a lot more and (I'll just admit it) I cry at the site people fighting for their right to be human.

Today, I learned about how hot it is in the East Coast, how horrible the fires are in Arizona, and how the whole mid-west has been flooded. Our politicians are a joke. Medicare will be defunct by 2024 (right about the time I'll need it) and so will Social Security. Also, the economy has stalled again, unemployment is not going down, Syria/Yemen/Libya are killing their own people as they try to protest for democracy, and everywhere else is going to hell. By the time I get to work my heart is racing, my stomach is in knots and I've picked at my cuticles so badly my fingers are bleeding. Yup, it's that bad (please note the title of this blog).

What kind of world did I bring a child into? Now I understand why mothers I know tell me they a) never listen to the news or b) don't listen to the news or watch the evening broadcast right before going to bed. It's like that rule about coffee -- don't drink it after 3pm or you'll never sleep. Seriously? Do we have to treat the news like it's a caffeinated drink? At 6pm when I'm driving home -- will the news about Anthony Weiner and the Rancher who had to leave his favorite cow and her brand new calf behind to escape from the Arizona fires keep me up all night?

What am I going to listen to on my way to work? Maybe I should give the oldies station a shot - at least after 3pm.

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