Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Husbands Don't Get it.

Confession: I hired a cleaning person!  ... and I'm not ashamed of it... until now.

Here's the story: We actually do a pretty good job of cleaning up after ourselves.  Daniel is much better at stacking things in corners than actually lifting up the toaster oven and wiping down the counter under it, but, I I digress....   We are actually ok at keeping the place looking civilized. We vacuum, our couch pillows are fluffed and our beds are usually made.  It's just that gunk accumulates, and dust gets into corners I don't always clean under.. and really, with a full time job, a child, a dog and a husband -- I don't always want to clean. SO, I found a coupon and I hired someone.

Here is where the title of this post comes in.  The reason I hired someone NOW and not in a few weeks is because Thursday my in-laws came to visit.  My mother in law travels with her yellow cleaning gloves (you know the ones -- the ones that you wash dishes with to spare your hands -- the ones I don't use because I bite my nails anyway from being stressed all the time, so who cares if my hands are spared?) and is a cleaning machine.  She's especially good in the kitchen... she DOES lift the toaster oven, she does get that gross stuff off in between the cooking range and the tile.  She's that good.

SO -- I hired someone to come the day my in-laws were coming into town.  I confess: I wanted my mother-in-law to think I had cleaned! Yup... I'm not ashamed... I wanted her to think that I had done all the cleaning.. and that I was a super Mom and Wife.. that her first born son was in good hands and that her grandbaby was living in a dust free home.  So, this lovely woman named Betty Jo came and spent three hours cleaning.. and she did a wonderful job! The place hasn't looked that good in ages.  I was so excited!!!  

Hubby went off to get his parents at the airport, I put Izz in bed -- and positioned myself on the couch to look relaxed as they entered our home.   They walk in -- and immediately my mother-in-law says "ohhh, it does look clean."  Ummm... why is she saying that?  I look at my beaming husband (he's excited his parents are visiting from NYC) and try to figure out why my mother-in-law's first words involve cleaning. 

I brush it off... and show them around, hugs, kisses and off to bed.  As I get under the covers.. I ask my husband -- "did you tell your parents about the cleaning woman?"  He looks at me, blinks and says, "Yeah. I told them we hired someone and they were here right before I picked them up."  WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?  Are you kidding me?!!!   Did he not read the husband manual? Did he not understand?  "Was I not supposed to tell them?" he asks me as he leans in for a kiss.    I pull away -- look at him hard...  yup. he's clueless..  I sigh...

Husbands Just Don't Get it.

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